We empower clients to move and feel the way they expect through physical treatment, education, encouragement, and compassion.

Injury Prevention Mission:

We create meaningful change in athletes to prepare them to endure the rigors of sport so they may stay competitive.

Treatment Services

Physical therapy treatment for people with hip, knee, ankle, back, or shoulder injuries. Also including gait issues, muscle weakness, postural dysfunction, and other medical conditions.
  • Injury Management
    • Concierge Physical Therapy services
    • Injury consultation and treatment planning
    • Best practices consultation with therapists and trainers
    • Physical Therapy 2nd opinion
    • Education on injury, plan of care, and timeline
Injury prevention for athletes, runners, cyclists, golfers, and more. We provide extensive assessment, injury risk prevention, and exercise strategies to keep you active.
  • Injury Prevention
    • Individual athlete development
    • Titleist Golf performance assessment
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Program management
    • Athletic team program development
    • Speaking and Education Seminars


One Nine provides high quality physical therapy care for you or your family member without all the confusion.

Some providers such as your MD, DO, PT, or DC may be considered "in-network" with your insurance.  This means they have agreed to a lower contracted rate with insurance.  As a result, the quality of the services often suffers.  You may rarely see your therapist, be passed off to assistants, moved to a different therapist suddenly, not properly guided through exercises, or other lapses in quality.  To make matters worse, you may be required to see a doctor for a prescription and pay for more treatment than you need.

Our solutions are simple.  We do not contract with insurance companies - we work for YOU.  One Nine physical therapy services are paid on a fee-for-service basis.  We are out-of-network providers for most insurances, except Medicare.   

Your dollar goes further!  Co-payments and out-of-pocket costs can skyrocket quickly in today's healthcare. A large portion of your health expenses go toward paperwork, processing, management, oversight, and other corporate mechanisms.   With OneNine, your healthcare dollars are spent directly on the services you receive, similarly to your favorite restaurant, salon, or dog groomer.