Get better turn in your golf swing and reduce injuries

Golf swing mechanics require adequate turn. Without this, golfers are plagued with swing faults. A flat swing plane, sway, early extension, and casting are common faults that are present in the golf swing when rotation is limited.

Many PGA professionals have described the lack of adequate turn as one of the primary swing impairments - and one that is very difficult to fix. Swing lessons focus on motor patterning, sequencing movement, and lower body stability. These are all great ways to address the lack of turn in a lesson. However, sometimes physical limitations make this movement unattainable.

Amateur golfers must understand 4 things:

  1. The turn does not occur at the low back or shoulders, but at the thoracic (mid) spine
  2. Age-related changes sometimes make a full turn impossible
  3. Hip rotation range of motion is critical to adequate golf swing turn
  4. Injury risk can be significantly reduced by correcting issues in the turn

Top 4 Exercises to reduce injury risk and improve golf swing turn:

    1.Thoracic joint mobilization using tennis balls or foam roller

    2. Standing hip walk-arounds

    3. Deep squat with varying foot positions - 9 position squats

    4. Lateral lunge with trunk rotation


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Dr. Dave Gerbarg

Dr. Dave Gerbarg is the President and Physical Therapist at One Nine Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy in Solana Beach. He specializes in sports medicine for teenage and adolescent athletes.