Do I have to pay my deposit online?

We are happy to process your deposit payment by cash or credit/debit card in person, or over the phone. We do not require a deposit for scheduling at this time.

What should I wear?

Athletic clothing is best. This allows free movement (which you will be doing a lot of) and access to joints and soft tissue for the therapist. Athletic shoes are a must!

What can I expect from an evaluation or assessment?

You should expect to get a lot out of the first session. We will guide you through the examination to determine what is wrong, what factors contribute to the issues, and how to fix them. Your therapist will perform hands-on treatment, educate you on what to do in your daily routine, and what to expect over the next few sessions. Teamwork between you and the therapist is critical in developing meaningful goals to get you back to doing what you want, quickly.