Your first Physical Therapy Visit

What to do before your Evaluation

We make getting ready for your first Physical Therapy appointment fast and easy. When your Evaluation is scheduled online, over the phone, or in-person, you should receive w emails. The first is an email confirmation for the appointment. the second email is a welcome email with a link to fill out the necessary intake paperwork. We highly recommend completing this before your arrival, so we are all set to start right on time with you. Your therapist will already have read your information and be fully prepared to get you back to action.

What to wear?

Athletic clothing is best. This allows free movement (which you will be doing a lot of) and access to joints and soft tissue for the therapist. Athletic shoes are a must!

What to Bring

Bring an enthusiasm to finally get relief from your injury! Also, if you have any paperwork from your doctor or other healthcare providers, please bring that so we can make a copy - we will give you back the original if you like. Bring any videos of your sport, contact information from coaches/trainers, and other useful content for your PT.

What can I expect from an evaluation or assessment?

You should expect to get a lot out of the first session. We will guide you through the examination to determine what is wrong, what factors contribute to the issues, and how to fix them. Your therapist will perform hands-on treatment, educate you on what to do in your daily routine, and what to expect over the next few sessions. Teamwork between you and the therapist is critical in developing meaningful goals to get you back to doing what you want, quickly.