Golf Performance Therapy

Looking to fix your issues and improve your golf swing at the same time? Then the TPI golf screen and training program is the right move for you. Play 18 holes with better performance and without pain. Our TPI expert can find the issues that affect your golf game and fix them with proven strategies.

Let our Titleist Performance Certified Physical Therapist (Medical Level 2) take you through the TPI screen used with professional and amateur golfers to identify your mobility, strength, and movement dysfunctions that are causing you pain or impacting your swing.


Titleist Performance Certified

Titleist Performance Institute is the leader in golf biomechanics research and application. The TPI screening process addresses impairments in joint motion, muscle tissue, and movement patterns and applies these to golf swing issues. This full-body assessment is administered by a certified professional - and our TPI pro is also a Golf Medical Professional.