How quickly can I schedule an appointment?

We guarantee to have you scheduled within 48 hours! Our approach ensures that we have availability for our clients. We limit the number of active clients to be sure that we can accommodate your schedule and provide you with access to your therapist.

If my doctor referred me somewhere else, can I still go to One Nine?

Of course. You have the power to choose the best care for you, and we support that. As a consumer, you have the right to make an informed decisions. We are happy to notify your doc of the change in venue and plan on making your experience so great that they send more people our way.

How do I Schedule?

Easy! Click here to go to our scheduling page. We have streamlined the process so that you can schedule and pay online.  You can also call us at (858) 848-6639 or fill out the contact page and let us know that you want to be scheduled.

How often should I schedule?

Good question. This will be discussed at the initial evaluation and subsequent treatments. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will consider everything about you, healing times, activity level, and expectations to determine the timeline. Our model and processes facilitate faster recovery in many cases than traditional therapy.

How far out should I schedule follow-up appointments?

We give you the opportunity to schedule 3 months out if you like. The recommendation is to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure the time slots you prefer. Because we work 1-on-1 for all services, late scheduling often means conflicts. Preferred scheduling is available to concierge clients. 

Can I use my HSA card?

Yes! This is a great way to pay for our healthcare services. Using your HSA payment card will use your pre-tax money, saving you in the end. This is only available for physical therapy services, as injury prevention training is not a covered service.