Sports Physical Therapy

We promise the most personalized health experience you’ve ever had

Expert Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention for Athletes of all ages

Solana Beach Clinic

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Solana Beach, CA 92075

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Physical Therapy Features

Always 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

No aides, techs, or assistants for the entire treatment session …and ditch the waiting room because we are always on time.

High-Touch Personal Service

We stay in contact with you throughout care and after to make sure you get active and stay active. Your therapist is your point of contact and readily available by email, text, or phone to make sure your questions get answered.

Custom-fit Treatment Plan

We use our phone app to build your personalized exercise program with video and messaging features.

Elite Manual and Exercise Therapy Treatments

We give your body what it needs. Our therapists are up-to-date and evidence-based in treatment methods, including: manipulation, joint mobilization, massage techniques, instrument-assisted tissue mobilization, compression therapy, and more.


Most Loved Sports Physical Therapy