We create meaningful change in athletes to prepare them to endure the rigors of sport so they may stay competitive.



Staying on the field is essential to an athlete's psychological state, recruiting, and enjoyment of sports participation. It is important to choose the right team to get the most from an athlete and appropriately manage their development while managing risk throughout the process. The key to success is avoiding pain or re-injury during the training process, while focusing on the goals of the individual and sport.

Our experts have a thorough understanding of injury causes, risks, and prevention strategies from training and rehabilitating countless athletes of all ages.  The difference is in the design.  


Our Athletes learn performance training, recovery, mental preparation, nutrition, and other essential skills for life and the next level. We merge scientific foundations with our assessments, and synthesize it for young athletes. 

One Nine is committed to educating athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers on the risks of sports participation, and methods for controlling these risks.  It is essential to master the elements of sport, including: demands of the sport, human anatomy, biomechanics, sports physiology,individual athlete characteristics, and level of competition.

Golf Performance and Injury Prevention

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We use the latest scientific methods used by the pros at Titleist Performance Institute to determine what is causing pain or dysfunction in your golf game. Get more out of your body to get more out of your game.

  1. Play 18 holes without pain or fatigue

  2. Swing smoother with less restriction

  3. Increase distance by improving muscle activation

  4. Get more out of practice sessions