Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

We are North County San Diego’s Sports Physical Therapists of choice - just read the reviews. We have helped countless athletes return to sport in less time by making the Physical Therapy treatments custom-fit to the athlete and sport-specific.

Athletes have different demands when it comes to rehab and training. Make sure you choose a Physical Therapist that knows the stress of sports so that your Physical Therapy is geared toward getting you back to action. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have specialized training in working with athletes to ensure that we are up-to-date on the latest strength and performance evidence - and applying that knowledge to get you the best results from your rehab. This means putting your top performance to work right after therapy.

If you are a high school athlete getting recruited or a recreational athlete looking to get an edge on your way back from an injury, you need a team that can get the most out of you - in less time. We have the skills to make you better - even after injury.

Return to Sport after Surgery

Many athletes don’t feel safe or strong enough to endure the rigors of competition after typical Physical Therapy treatment. Our team specializes in return to sports performance.

Our return to sport testing utilizes the latest research, technology, and methods to make sure the transition is safe and the athletes is well prepared. Strength and agility are keys to successful return to the field - and our team also makes sure that the athlete is mentally prepared and confident to perform at a high level.


Lifestyle Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

San Diego is a city of active people - and active people get hurt. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy help lifestyle athletes get out of pain, stronger, and back to their activity faster. Our methods help get you there faster because we focus on the person and the activities that drive you - instead of focusing on the injury alone. This means better results so you can move better, feel better, and perform at a higher level.

Like you, we prioritize lifestyle when developing your treatment plan. Whether you need Physical Therapy to walk the beach, play with your kids, or get through the work day - we have you covered with strategies that are custom-fit to your life.


Golf Performance Therapy

Golf Performance Therapy

Looking to fix your issues and improve your golf swing at the same time? Then the TPI golf screen and training program is the right move for you. Play 18 holes with better performance and without pain. Our TPI expert can find the issues that affect your golf game and fix them with proven strategies.

Let our Titleist Performance Certified Physical Therapist (Medical Level 2) take you through the TPI screen used with professional and amateur golfers to identify your mobility, strength, and movement dysfunctions that are causing you pain or impacting your swing.


Titleist Performance Certified

Titleist Performance Institute is the leader in golf biomechanics research and application. The TPI screening process addresses impairments in joint motion, muscle tissue, and movement patterns and applies these to golf swing issues. This full-body assessment is administered by a certified professional - and our TPI pro is also a Golf Medical Professional.


Injury Prevention Training

Injury Prevention

You want to stay competitive and get the most out of training. Nothing derails progress like injuries. Learn how to build your body armor by training with our Doctors of Physical Therapy. We know athletic injuries, so we know the risk factors and how to ensure you are safe from injury while playing.

Whether you are a weekend warrior trying to stay active in your sport or a competitive athlete trying to get recruited, you don’t have time to waste being injured. The more you train, the more recovery and prevention/prehab work you will need to ensure success. We have the tools to educate you on preparing your body for sport, recovering after training, and strengthening for prolonged success.

Physical Therapy Success Stories

Our clients in Solana Beach and North County San Diego area have shared their amazing experiences. We are the top rated Physical Therapy provider in North County - we have the most 5-star reviews for a reason.

Check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook to read success stories from patients who loved our unique approach to Physical Therapy.

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