ASTYM Technique

Price: $70/session

This innovative tissue mobilization strategy utilizes stainless steel tools in the hands of skilled therapists to improve soft tissue mobilization.

Great for:

  • Scar tissue after surgery
  • Tendon injuries
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nerve compression from soft tissue
  • Chronic pain

Dr. Amanda DeRosa is a Certified ASTYM Practitioner. She provides this service either as a part of Physical Therapy sessions, or as an a-la-carte service.

Game Ready Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy + Compression


Accelerate your Recovery

Speed rehabilitation and recovery results through the combination of cryotherapy and compression. No tool is more potent at delivering these two in combination than Game Ready. One Nine is proud to utilize game ready in treatments and as an a-la-carte service. Ask about how Game Ready and One Nine Physical Therapy can get you back to sport faster.

Price: $30 / session